Totally Addicting!

I purchased one just to see if I would like it. I now have them all and I have pre-ordered your next series. The artwork is beautiful.

Beverly Imperiali

Love the Flipsi Puzzles!!

I bought a set of Haunted Flipsi Puzzles and was amazed and shocked by the surprise side!!! Can’t wait to order the second set of Haunted Flipsi Puzzles and definitely going to order the Enchanted Places sets!

Lindsey Thompson


I've finished all the enchanted puzzles and completed all of your haunted puzzles.
Will you be coming out with any puzzles before September? That's so far away 😳❤️😁.

Roxanne Burdette

So gorgeous!

I got this to gift to someone but then loved it so much o kept it for myself. I did all 3 of the set I purchased and now I need to order the next set.

Rayna Mendez Perez

Awesome, super fun puzzle. The best puzzle I have ever done. Looking forward to more puzzle creations. Keep the horror and mystery coming. Highly recommend these puzzles.


💯 Best puzzle ever!!

I bought the haunted house. My family had so much fun putting it together and anxiously awaiting to reveal of the picture on the other side. The puzzle pieces have a different texture on one side so you know which side you are putting together without question. I am definitely buying another one!! I’m hooked!!

Trina M.

Love these puzzles!

The colors are amazing & so fun to put together. Then to reveal the secret puzzle! I LOVE them!

FLIPSI PLUS: All Three Haunted Places & Flipsi Board - Flipsi Puzzles

What is a Flipsi

Each double-sided puzzle tells a fictional visual narrative that can only be experienced in full by following these steps:

  • Complete the puzzle to reveal the image on the box.
  • Flip the puzzle effortlessly using a Flipsi Board or by gently lifting it from two corners at the top.
  • Brace yourself for an unexpected and memorable surprise that awaits on the flip side.
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Haunted House

The moon shines down on the icy driveway before you. It’s inviting you to step closer to that blood-red door...

Haunted Castle

The leaves above you rustle, and the sky looms ahead...

Haunted Farmhouse

In front of you is a twisted barbwire fence. Its purpose is to keep you away...
  • Double-Sided

    Discover the Surprise

  • Perfect Fit

    Hear the 'Click'

  • Premium Quality

    Feel the Difference

Haunted Places 2

The hauntings will continue this Halloween. Sign up to be notified when Haunted Places 2 drops. Or pre-order yours today.

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Our Mission

We created Flipsi with one shared goal in mind: To Spark Joy.

We believe in bringing meaning and imagination to everything we create, promising memorable experiences through our products.

Our journey began with double-sided surprise jigsaw puzzles, an idea inspired by a birthday gift (you can read more about that here), and we look forward to releasing and sharing many more unique and enjoyable products with you.

Thank you for stopping by. Reach out anytime.

Demi & Melissa 😊

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