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FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle

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Haunted Castle

From under an autumn tree, you set your site on a decaying, ruined Castle. The leaves above you rustle, and the sky looms ahead. There’s something eery about that Castle, and you want to stay away. You probably should stay away. But your curiosity is getting the better of you. You have to go inside. You have to see for yourself if the rumours are true...

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FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle
FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle Puzzle Box and Puzzle Pieces
FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle Puzzle Piece


What's Included

1 x Haunted Castle Flipsi Puzzle:

  • Double-sided for twice the adventure.
  • Surprise image on the flip side for an unexpected reveal.

Flipsi Puzzle Features

  • Original Artwork: Dive into spine-tingling, artistically crafted scenes on both sides.
  • Compelling Visual Narrative: Each place has its own story, its own haunting, and you're invited to step inside.
  • Perfect Size: 500 pieces – ideally crafted for an easy flipping experience.
  • Premium Quality: Made with world-renowned ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard for durability and a top-notch feel.
  • Age Suitability: Perfect for puzzlers aged 12 and up.

Flipsi Puzzle Specifications

  • High-Resolution, Vibrant Print
  • Matte Print (reduces glare when puzzling)
  • Puzzle Pieces: 2.1mm | Front Side (textured) Surprise Side (smooth)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 13.39 x 18.9in. | 34 x 48cm

Creators & Artists

  • Concepts by Demi Christo & Melissa Bonne.
  • Artwork by Melissa Bonne.

Reasons to love Flipsi

  • Surprise Side

  • Visual Narrative

  • Premium Quality

As you are building the Haunted Castle, the whole time you are building an entirely different image without knowing what it is. So when you start puzzling, expect to feel the anticipation build one piece at a time.

Each place has its own story. Its own haunting. And you are invited to step inside.

The only way to experience the story of this Haunted Castle in full, is by piecing the puzzle together and flipping it over to see who or what lurks within.

Produced with world-renowned ESKA Blue Puzzle Board, your Flipsi Puzzle pieces will not only feel beautiful and sturdy, they will last for years to come.

Each side also has different feel (front slightly textured | back smooth), so sorting your pieces front side up can be done by touch alone.