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Double-Sided Jigsaw Puzzles with a Surprise Side


Double-sided jigsaw puzzles with a surprise flip side.

FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places - Flipsi Puzzles

What is a Flipsi?

Each 500-piece double-sided puzzle tells a fictional visual narrative that can only be experienced in full by following these steps:

  • Complete the puzzle to reveal the image on the box.

  • Flip the puzzle effortlessly using a Flipsi Board or by gently lifting it from two corners at the top.

  • Brace yourself for an unexpected and memorable surprise that awaits on the flip side.
Discover Your Next Puzzle


  • Double-Sided

    Two Puzzles in One: Each puzzle has two unique images for double the fun.

  • Surprise Flip Side

    Double the Challenge: Unveil a hidden image when you flip the puzzle over.

  • Engaging for Everyone

    500-Piece Challenge: Perfect for a weekend project and suitable for all skill levels.

  • Perfect Fit

    Hear the 'Click': Experience the satisfaction of perfectly fitting pieces.



Imagination-Driven: Our journey begins with imagination, crafting compelling puzzle narratives from a plethora of themes and ideas.

Detailed Design: Each image is meticulously designed, trial by trial, until it breathes life into the story we envision for you.

Double-Sided Experience: Our double-sided puzzles offer a unique adventure, allowing you to explore two captivating scenes in one.

FLIPSI SET: All Three Enchanted Places - Flipsi Puzzles



Commitment to Quality: Our dedication to quality encompasses every aspect of your experience, from ordering to unwrapping your Flipsi masterpiece.

Manufacturing Excellence: We collaborate with top manufacturing partners to ensure the colors on the box match those on the puzzle, maintaining visual fidelity.


Textured differently

World-Renowned Material: Produced with the esteemed ESKA Blue Puzzle Board, our puzzle pieces are not only visually appealing but also provide a satisfying 'click' as each piece fits perfectly.

Distinct Textures: Each side of the puzzle is uniquely textured—one side with a slight texture and the other smooth—allowing you to sort pieces by touch alone.

Our Mission

We created Flipsi with one shared goal in mind: To Spark Joy.

We believe in bringing meaning and imagination to everything we create, promising memorable experiences through our products.

Our journey began with double-sided surprise jigsaw puzzles, an idea inspired by a birthday gift (you can read more about that here), and we look forward to releasing and sharing many more unique and enjoyable products with you.

Thank you for stopping by. Reach out anytime.

Demi & Melissa 😊

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