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Which Haunted Place is Right for You?

Most 500-piece puzzles take an average of 4 hours to complete, making them excellent choices if you’re looking for something challenging that you can fit in an afternoon or two. A Flipsi makes the perfect puzzle for this category so we thought we would help you decide which Haunted Place would be right for you (if you have to choose one!)

Level of Difficulty

To get started, you may want to begin by asking yourself how challenging you want your Flipsi to be. But to make it much easier for you, we asked our puzzle community how they would rate the level of difficulty of each of our puzzles, so you know what to expect. Here is what they had to say:

The Farmhouse: Moderate

Some of the people in our puzzle community say this Flipsi is the least difficult out of all three Haunted Places.

In the foreground, there is quite a bit of grass which could be challenging, but it’s broken up by the barbed wire fence.

The sky looks like it could be difficult, but you have different tones in there, as well as the clouds, the windmill, the lightning, and the bats, to help you figure out which part of the image you are puzzling.

The house has similar tones, but again, the windows, the panels, and the roof will help guide you here.

The House: Moderate - Difficult

Coming in as the second most difficult out of all three Haunted Places is the Haunted House.

In the front of the House, the grass will be challenging. But one side is broken up by the swing, and the driveway itself helps to break up the entire foreground. 

Once you get to the house, things tend to get a bit difficult as far as puzzles go. All those panels can be tricky, as well as knowing which window is which.

The sky is probably the easiest to do here, as you have the moon and the icy tree to help guide you.

The Castle: Difficult

The Castle has been said to be our most difficult jigsaw, but for experienced puzzlers like you, this will be an exciting challenge.

There is quite a bit of colour in the trees, but similar tones of yellow, orange and red can make things tricky.

The grass is broken up by rocks, leaves, and different shades and tones, but this area will likely challenge you.

The sky, the background and the Castle itself are said to be the easiest areas to navigate when building this puzzle.

We know you got this, though! The key is to persist, especially if you want to find out what lurks within the walls of each Haunted Place.


We can tell you that each puzzle has its own feel to it and its own mood. But which image speaks to you the most? Are you drawn to the summer storm in the Farmhouse, the eerie Autumn of the Castle, or the chilly air of the House? Perhaps your favourite colours are earthy - like the Castle, bold like the Farmhouse or deep and rich like the House. Or maybe you need to decide whether you would like to build a landscape or portrait puzzle.

Match a Flipsi with Your Personality

By now, you probably have a pretty good idea of which Flipsi is right for you, but to make it more interesting, let’s match our Flipsi Puzzles to a few personality traits you can tick off that suit you best.

The Brave and Ready-for-Adventure Type

If you consider yourself to be brave and ready for adventure (the eerie type, of course!), then the Haunted Castle might be a great option for you. This spine-chilling Flipsi depicts a decaying, ruined castle that’s made for people with confident characteristics and a strong willingness to persist despite horrific obstacles.

The Wild Country Soul

If you have a wild country soul and you are often drawn to places off the grid surrounded by vegetation, wildlife, and unknown smells, then the Haunted Farmhouse is just what you need. This Flipsi looks and smells abandoned, except for the bats lurking near the entrance. If you are willing to enter through the main door, you must have passion and commitment to finish what you started.

The Stubborn and Heroic Type

If you are one of those odd characters that look forward to the winter and have no issue getting out and about in cold-freezing temperatures, then the Haunted House will definitely give you that and more. Just don't expect that feeling of being cosy indoors. This house doesn’t look so inviting either. The silence is too loud. All you can hear is a squeaky chilling creek. This is why this Flipsi would suit best those with a heroic heart that can often come as stubborn because they are willing to go their way to prove they can do it.

The Surprise Side

You don’t know what’s on the other side of each of these puzzles, and we can’t tell you either! But maybe choosing the right Haunted Place will come down to what you imagine is lurking on the other side. If you have an inkling of an idea, maybe you can ask yourself which flip side you really want to see the most. Or which flip side you are most afraid to see…

So, are you READY to Flipsi?

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