The Perfect Gift This Christmas 👻🎄 - Flipsi Puzzles

The Perfect Gift This Christmas 👻🎄

If you're stuck for Christmas present ideas this year and are in a state of panic – fear not! We've got you covered with reasons why a Flipsi Jigsaw Puzzle will make a great gift this holiday season.


😌 In general, jigsaw puzzles are known to be excellent for calming nerves and anxiety. Numerous studies have proven puzzles beneficial for mental health while tapping into multiple cognitive abilities. From stress relief and creativity to entertainment and the feeling of accomplishment, you can’t go wrong with piecing a jigsaw puzzle together.

With a Flipsi, however, you’ll get some extra benefits that you won’t get from any other jigsaw in the market. And we like to say that’s a fact! 

The One-of-a-kind Jigsaw 🧩

Our 500-piece double-sided surprise jigsaw puzzles are all about taking the puzzler on a journey that promises a big-time surprise. Our Flipsi Puzzles tell a compelling visual tale of a fictional haunted place, and on the flip side of each puzzle, there is a spine-tingling surprise reveal of who or what lurks within. Say what!

The Anticipation Antidote 👻

Everybody loves surprises, and we are known to be curious creatures by nature. So, whether or not a puzzler enjoys being frightened, there is something that draws all of us to the unknown, the chilling and the haunting. The longer we wait to look and see, the more afraid we’re likely to become. 

As a Flipsi is put together, one piece at a time, the anticipation of what is waiting on the other side will undoubtedly build. And the only way this anticipation build-up will be satisfied is upon completion and ONLY if the puzzler dares to flip it.

The question is…will they actually dare to flip it and be brave enough to face what lurks within? Well, you can make sure of it! 

A Memorable Gift 🎁

Flipsi Puzzles was created to spark joy, wonder and connection through stunning and original jigsaw puzzles. Each Haunted Place will tap into the puzzler’s sense of the unknown, encouraging them with a spooky fun challenge that will consume them in enormous pride once completed. This experience will make for a unique gift they will surely not forget.

Frameable & Sharable 🖼

Stunningly vibrant yet eerie and haunting, each Flipsi will double up as an art piece worth sharing. Whether they are displayed all year round or flipped over for the spooky season 🎃, a Flipsi will delight, inspire and bring something eye-catching to any room.

Quirky, Cool Christmas Stocking Stuffers 🎄

Measuring 27cm wide | 27cm long | 4cm depth, each Flipsi Puzzle will fit most Christmas stockings!

So, if you’re looking for something beautiful but spooky, familiar but surprising, challenging but enjoyable, then you’re in the right place. Check out our Christmas gift cards, range of puzzles, sets and bundles and gift a loved one a surprise they won’t forget. You can thank us later! *wink, wink*