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Ships end of September in time for Halloween 🎃

FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2

Pre-order Details

Pre-order items are expected to ship end of September 2024.

Once you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email. As we approach September, we will email you updates on the arrival of the inventory and let you know a more specific delivery timeframe. Please ensure you have our email address saved.

Ships from Sydney with a delivery timeframe of 4-8 business days once inventory has arrived at our warehouse.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Demi & Melissa 😊

FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2
FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2 - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2 - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2 - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2 - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2 - Flipsi Puzzles
FLIPSI SET: All Three Haunted Places 2 - Flipsi Puzzles


Haunted Carnival

In the pools of dead still water, you see the red and white reflection of a tired old tent. Perhaps its closed doors really shouldn’t be opened. Weary of the broken horses and the rickety track, you try not to look at that wide, toothy grin. It belongs to a face with eyes shut tight, but you feel as though you are being watched. That murmur you heard before is getting louder and louder. And that mist looks as if it’s moving towards you. This forgotten fun town wants you to stay… it wants you to ignore your fears and come and play.

Haunted Lighthouse

Even though its purpose was to be a guide for safe passage, you were warned not to be deceived by the glow it casts. For those who sail and follow its light will find themselves among the rocks. But still you step into its sight and see the boats of wreck and ruin. What are you getting yourself into? You take a deep breath and steady your heart… there must be a reason those gulls are circling…

Haunted Mansion

In a gathering of stones and roses, you feel the air hang heavy with the presence of decay. But that is not what lured you here. You’ve seen a moon in full before, yet you’ve never laid your eyes on one so big…so red, and so hypnotic. Seduced by what you see, you inch yourself forward, careful not to draw blood on the prickly thorns. As you cross the threshold into the heart of this place, you wonder if what waits within, has been expecting you all along.

Haunted Places & What Lurks Within 2

Haunted Places & What Lurks Within 2, is our second Haunted Places series of double-sided puzzles with a spooky surprise on the flip side.

Each puzzle has original artwork on both sides, with a compelling and haunting visual tale.

If you haven't already, check out our first Haunted Places series.

Flipsi Puzzle Features

  • Original Artwork: Dive into spine-tingling, artistically crafted scenes on both sides.
  • Compelling Visual Narrative: Each place has its own story, its own haunting, and you're invited to step inside.
  • Perfect Size: 500 pieces – ideally crafted for an easy flipping experience.
  • Premium Quality: Made with world-renowned ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard for durability and a top-notch feel.
  • Age Suitability: Perfect for puzzlers aged 12 and up.

Flipsi Puzzle Specifications

  • High-Resolution, Vibrant Print
  • Matte Print (reduces glare when puzzling)
  • Puzzle Pieces: 2.1mm | Front Side (textured) Surprise Side (smooth)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 13.39 x 18.9in. | 34 x 48cm

Creators & Artists

  • Concepts by Demi Christo & Melissa Bonne.
  • Artwork by Melissa Bonne.