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Each double-sided jigsaw puzzle tells a compelling visual tale that can only be experienced in full, by completing the puzzle and flipping it over for a surprise reveal.

The idea for Flipsi was inspired by a birthday adventure we shared. You can read more about that here.

To bring our first series to market, we launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2021 and were successfully funded on day one, thanks to the kindness & generosity of our backers. Since then, it has been wonderful to hear from thousands of customers about their Flipsi experiences.

What to Expect

Whether you opt for a Haunted or an Enchanted puzzle, you can expect a stunning and thoughtfully designed jigsaw puzzle. Produced with world-renowned ESKA Puzzle Blue Board, each puzzle piece is a pleasure to handle, offering that satisfying 'click' as it seamlessly fits into place.

You can also expect to feel the anticipation build as you puzzle, and the joy of experiencing not only the surprise side, but the full narrative of the puzzle.

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What's Coming to Flipsi

In the pipeline, we have multiple projects on the way and some in early stages of development. We will be announcing what is coming in 2024 very soon.

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