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FLIPSI PLUS: All Three Haunted Places & Flipsi Board - Flipsi Puzzles

What is a Flipsi Puzzle?

A Flipsi Puzzle is a double-sided jigsaw puzzle with a surprise on the flip side.

Each puzzle tells a fictional visual narrative that can only be experienced in full by following these steps:

  • Complete the puzzle to reveal the image on the box.

  • Flip the puzzle effortlessly using a Flipsi Board or by gently lifting it from two corners at the top.

  • Brace yourself for an unexpected and memorable surprise that awaits on the flip side.
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Greetings from Down Under!

We’re Demi and Melissa, a couple from Australia united by a shared mission: to spark joy through creativity and innovation. Our adventure began in our home country and was inspired by a birthday gift we shared (you can read more about that here). Thanks to an overwhelming response, Flipsi has become a beloved brand not just in Australia, but also across the USA. Now, we’re thrilled to bring Flipsi to Europe!

We've been inspired by the stories of friends and families across continents coming together, sharing moments of joy and accomplishment through Flipsi. It's your turn now, Europe, to join in the fun and explore the surprises our puzzles hold! We are excited to share our creations with you and look forward to crafting new stories together in Europe.

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes and hearts. Let's piece together new memories!

Warm regards,
Demi & Melissa 🧩💖